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  • Public Lecture "Can We Avoid Cognitive Decline as we Age" with Associate Director Dr. Sarah Banks is now available to watch on UCTV.
  • Dr. Anthony Molina's co-authored study "How Trauma Gets Under the Skin" featured in UC San Diego Today. Read it here.
  • Public Lecture "Understanding Aging in the Real World: What Wearable Devices Reveal About How We Age Differently" with Dr. Benjamin Smarr now available to watch on UCTV. Watch it here.
  • A new publication of Drs. Alison Moore & Benjamin Han's research in the Journal of General Internal Medicine: "Experiences of Aging with Opioid Use Disorder and Comorbidity in Opioid Treatment Programs: A Qualitative Analysis." Read it here.
  • Stein Director Dr. Alison Moore quoted in the New York Times article "The 7 Keys to Longevity" Read it here.


  • Dr. Anthony Lim's talk "The Miraculous Healing Power of Food" Lee Tuh-Fuh And Ruby Lee Wang Zu-Ming Endowed Lecture available to watch on UCTV.
  • Dr. Molina leads multi-disciplinary project selected to receive funding from Wellcome Leap’s $60 million Dynamic Resilience program. Read more about the grant.
  • Videos from our Healthy Longevity Symposium are available now on UCTV. See them here.
  • Dr. Molina presents "Healthy Longevity: A Scientist's Perspective" on UCTV. Watch it here.
  • Dr. Alison Moore interviewed by American Medical Association on "Cannabis side effects for senior and older adult patients" Watch it here.
  • Dr. Anthony Molina's latest paper "Are Skeletal Muscles the Key to Treating Heart Failure?" featured in UC San Diego Health Sciences blog.







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