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2023 MSTAR Students and Mentors

Noorhan Amani, The Effects of Social and Built Environment of Refugee Camps on Cognitive Aging Among Refugees
Mentor: Tala Al-Rousan

Pallavi Chandrasekhar, Past Oral Contraceptive Use and Age at Initiation Relates to Late Life CognitiveOutcomes
Mentor: Erin Sundermann

Jessica Daly, Assessing the Gap: Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancer Screening & Surveillance in Older Adults
Mentor: Samir Gupta

Matinder Dhillon
Mentor: Melody Schiaffino

Jacquelyn Ferguson, Creatinine Filtration as an Indicator of Muscle Mass and Functional Status in Older Adults
Mentor: Alison Potok

Dylan Lawton, Examining the Cost Burden Analysis of Dietary Supplements in Older Adult Drivers: An Analysis from The AAA LongROAD Study
Mentor: Ryan Moran

Sidney Lin, Multimorbidity and Stimulant Use Disorder Among Veterans with Criminal Legal System Involvement
Mentor: Benjamin Han

Sydney Maraat, Review of Disparities in Transgender Medicine and Care of Older Adults Utilizing a NIMHD Research Framework
Mentors: Benjamin Han, Maile Karris

Shay Nakahira, Using Digital Passive Metrics to Assess the Impact of Sedentary Activity and Sleep on Cognition within the Hispanic Population
Mentor: Raeanne Moore

Pearse O’Malley, Cannabis Use Increase Among Older Adults in the US Since WidespreadLegalization of Cannabis and More Permissive Drug Use Attitudes Among Baby Boomers
Mentor: Alison Moore

Vy Pham, Evaluating the Safety of Mohs Micrographic Surgery in the Elderly: Measuring InfectionRates Across Patient Populations
Mentor: Brian Jiang

Emma Rice, Correlations between activity levels and hippocampal tau using the CHAMPS questionnaire
Mentor: Sarah Banks

Liz Timple, The Intensive Care Unit's (ICU) Bustling Environment Designed for the Care of AcutelyIll Patients and the Lighting Conditions
Mentor: Biren Kamdar

Michelle Trinh, Characterizing the Relationship Between Meta-Temporal Cerebral Blood Flow and Fuctional Ability in Cognitively Impaired Adults
Mentor: Katie Bangen

Abigail Zaratan, Neuropsychological Criteria for MCI Better Predicts Neuroimaging-Based Markers of Neurodegeneration in Aging Veterans
Mentor: Lisa Delano-Wood